CANNES– “The Voice,””Your Face Sounds Familiar” and “Got Talent” were the three top-selling factual formats in 2016, according to the study “One Television Year in the World” conducted by Médiamétrie – Eurodata TV Worldwide and presented at MipTV on Monday.

Drama was still hot trend in 2016, according to EurodataTV. Fiction in general represented 43% of programmes that ranked in the top 10 best shows worldwide. Turkey and Russia ranked
higher than India and the United Arab Emirates.

“Empowerment” proved one of the trending themes of drama series in 2017. “We saw many shows where characters take control, assert themselves and stand up for their choices and their rights,” said Sahar Baghery, head of global research and content strategy at Eurodata TV Worldwide, citing the comedy series “Amigo’s,” which aired in January 2017 on VTM in Belgium and centered on five ex-cons who open a restaurant together.

Meanwhile, TV channels worldwide have placed an emphasis on developing digital programs which have an interactive component.

Baghery pointed out that “broadcasters had been taking more risks and exploring new formats, including interactive ones, to attract new viewers, particularly young ones.”

“Entertainment and series maintain a great dynamic and attract a massive audience,” added Baghery.

Virtual reality formats, for instance, have been increasingly used for big-scale live events. In France, the country’s top commercial network launched an app and a virtual reality headset allowing viewers to become a coach for “The Voice.” More than 200,000 viewers in France watched the launch of “The Voice”‘s new season on a tablet, computer or a smartphone.

“Everywhere around the world, new TV practices and contents are emerging with the addition of internet screens (computers, mobile phones, tablets) and the development of catch-up platforms. Audience measurements are evolving throughout the world to take into account all these new usages,” said Frédéric Vaulpré, VP of Eurodata TV Worldwide.

Broadcasters have also been commissioning exclusive mobile-native content for social platforms to lure millennials. Snapchat has been on the forefront of that trend, especially in the U.S. where ABC Television Group or NBC Universal have been collaborating with Snapchat. EurodataTV cited NBCU’s deal with Snapchat to create exclusive content for the platform, such as a spin-off of “Late night with Jimmy Fallon” and “Saturday Night Live Stories.” And more recently, Vice unveiled the launch of original content for Snapchat.

Entertainment shows proved particularly popular in 2016, repping 36% of the top 10 most popular programmes worldwide (excluding sports). Some of the biggest hits were “Origins: the journey of Humankind,” which aired in March of 2017 on National Geographic in the States. The show mixed scripted scenes, documentary sequences and expert analysis.